Monday, 4 June 2012

Addicted to flowers

Loving those flowers, they are so easy to photograph in manual mode.

 Random wild flower growing by a harbour, nice to picture with a lovely background.

The heart-shaped flowers are so adorable...

The previous and next photos show that a flower does not need to be fully open to be beautiful <3

Never underestimate wild flowers either, they make for gorgeous photos.

Those two photos are so colorful, it's a pleasure to look at. 

Hope to have a garden full of flowers like those someday when I have time to garden but for the time being I'll settle for taking photos of them and Instagram about them too.


  1. I dream all awake before this extraordinary garden : beautiful flowers, especially the fuchsias so fantastic

    Bravo, photographer Lyly !

    1. Thanks Josie, it is a pretty gorgeous scenery that we have lately. <3

  2. the best smelling rose is a "queen elisabeth" ! that is circumstantial ...

    What a beautiful seascape with gulls! I am loving to

    1. Must be that then Josie, it was so nice, I wish I could have bottled up the smell :)