Thursday, 29 March 2012


Gorgeous oil lamps a friend has brought up from Besancon,FR. I love them.

MyMindsEye papers

I bought a selection of papers on Ebay from MyMindsEye and here are some of the best ones...gorgeous.

Album 6x6

The latest album on the list. I did not post all photos but you can see the video of it on my Youtube channel : thefairylyl.

I love the Converse shoe embellishment!

This one I love the photo of the girl used to hold the tags in, it's very natural.

That pink brad is so cute, a new find on Ebay...


Daddy <3

Daddy would not be impressed if he saw his photo online
But anyway, he is the best dad any one could have
I am so lucky to have him
So today I said no matter what you think of close-ups
I am picturing the way I feel about you
All I wish is to become as humble as my Dad
And as loving as my Nan
Then I should have the best combination of personalities


I have been testing out my SLR and I figured that taking photos of my favorite person would help. I am glad I got a nice shot of my Nan today because she is the most wonderful person on earth and the shine in her eyes shows me that she is proud of me and will never let me down no matter the mistakes or the failures.

Friday, 23 March 2012

New jewellery and scrapbooking items

I have received the goods I ordered online, most of them are for jewellery making...It was a good opportunity to test my new camera :)

Thursday, 1 March 2012


Gorgeous puzzle I finished a few days ago before starting another one in the shape of a cat, ouch!